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‘Church’ is not only illustrated as the ‘Body’ of Christ but also as the ‘Bride’ of Christ. The ‘Church’ is the unblemished bride that is cleansed of all impurities and radiating the beauty and the glory of God.

This is how I envisage the ‘Church’ of Christ to be:

1. A Church Without Walls – The Church is not a Building but a Community of God’s People

2. A Church Without Liturgies & Rituals – The Church is not a Temple. We don’t need the ‘forms’ because we have the ‘substance’. We have the ‘Real Thing’.

3. A Church That Is 24/7 – The Church is not on Sundays but everyday and everywhere

4. A Church That Is United & In Perfect Harmony – The Church is the Body. No one is superior or inferior. The Church is made up of different members but yet they are One in Christ. It is not divided by Denominations & Doctrines.

5. A Church That Is Victorious – Victory has be won. We don’t fight ‘for’ victory but ‘from’ victory. Satan is a defeated enemy. We are More than Conquers in Christ.

6. A Church That Is In The Marketplace – The Church is called to be the Light of the world and the Salt of the earth. The Church is commanded to ‘Go’ to the World and not for the World to ‘Come’ to the Church.

7. A Church That Seeks After The Kingdom Of God – The Church is to advance and establish His Kingdom’s Rule & Reign over the 7 Mountains in Society.

8. A Church That Is Moved and Motivated By Love and Not Governed By The Law. We are no longer under the Law but under Grace

9. A Church That Is Empowered By The Holy Spirit – ‘Spirit @ Work’  not  ‘Self @ Work’

10. A Church That Worship God in Spirit and in Truth – A Church that sees ‘Our Work’ as Worship too! The Holy Spirit is using our ‘Work’ as platforms to transform the Marketplace.

11. A Church That Is Giving & Not Receiving – The early Church was known for it’s generous giving. They shared what they have as a Community of God’s people. No one have lack or needs.

12. A Church That Is Righteous and not Religious

These are 12 Points that I envisage the Church to be … I am sure, you have other points to add. Put them in the ‘Comment Section’.

Revelation 22: 17 ” The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’. And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’. And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.”

Welcoming Back Our King !

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