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The Medical Community is Slowly Killing Us =(

I feel like the prophet Jonah right now.... I truly want to run away and hide and not give the message the Lord wants me to give, time and time again, against the medical community. To be mocked and ridiculed, and not listened to, by my own family and friends is the hardest thing one has to do... But I where can I run? Where can I hide? The Lord will find me and call me again to speak up. I cannot hide from his presence. 


The medical community is slowly killing those who rely on them. Friends and family members are constantly dying after being treated by them... They (doctors, nurses, and other hospital people) fill them with antibiotics that strip their gastrointestinal tract from all flora so they can't absorb the nutrients that they may be taking in. Patients are being fed  pharmaceutical drugs with terrible side-effects since that what they were taught in medical school to be the best thing for their patients. The food they are being given is loaded with toxins and severely nutrient-deficient, so how can their bodies heal??


The hospitals are barely keeping people alive, and like drug-addicts, our friends and family constanly go back for more of their medicine to "stay alive" for a few more days, weeeks, months... acquiring deep debt at the same time. Insurance will cover it all, though, right? The cost goes deeper though. We are now severely ill and will need a cleanse and major nutrient intake that will cost us even more money, but will actually heal us. But how many are ready to invest in this? Investing in nutrient-dense foods and beverages and supplements that are made with whole foods are just seen as an added expense and they would rather pay the doctor to "keep them alive" because "the insurance covers it", even though it certainly won't cover the nutrient-dense foods and beverages and supplements because there is no money in it this for them. The medical community is a billion dollar industry that makes us reliant on them for life, barely keeping us alive, and making us believe that are bodies are healing, when they are just decaying each day more. 


How long will this go on?? Oh, Lord, have mercy! 

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Comment by Mirdza Hayden on February 27, 2013 at 8:55am

Yes, I agree with you, Steve. The "food" industry is making us sick for their immediate gain and we won't have good health until we stop just eating whatever everyone else is eating. Have you heard of the company allied Beyond Organic, by chance, founded by Jordan Rubin? He has the best organic foods and beverages available in the U.S, in my opinion. In most of America, raw milk is illegal, for example, but we can get raw milk products from the Beyond Organic Farm shipped to us anywhere we live in the U.S, for which I am thankful; most milk I will not drink because it's just junk - filled with toxins. I am thankful to live in the U.S where I AM able to get raw milk, but I am also very thankful for Beyond Organic who serves the rest of the U.S. 

Comment by Steve Fine - Biblical Life Coach on February 26, 2013 at 10:09pm

in some many ways I agree with these comments and feelings - The medical community is blinded to alternative care methods - even those like Chiropractic which has been available for so long in the western world. Healing arts from other parts of the world have valid and documented results and methods.

I visited an orthopedic doctor last week about an old break and all he could talk about was surgery.

Adding to this medical and health (or shall we say Illness) paradox is the food industry whose pursuit of profits knows no bounds and will sacrifice good nutrition and the health of their customers for immediate gain. While I dislike government regulation - until these two industries can be regulated we can never have true health care reform.


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