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Two games I remember playing as a youth. One involved seeing light pattern and repeating the exact light patttern. The process became more difficult to follow over time, which often lead to me quitting.

The next game was a game that involved a person giving commands to follow. The commands were only to be followed when a certain phrase was spoken. Many times in eagerness to complete the command and win, I would do what was not necessary.

In our lives we have before us a light pattern that we are to follow in sequence but the progression get easier the more we follow. As we think about certain things that we do, we find ourselves running to and fro, doing this, connecting to this person without checking to see if he said do this.

These games take me back on Throwback Thursday to Simon and Simon Says but I wonder does current Thursday take you to what God says. Are you following the pattern set by Jesus our Light and his commands, or is Satan imitating a light pattern and you are following his voice?

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