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Matt 18:20  ”For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them”. Even the gathering of two or three, the Church comes into existence. Christians must get away from the idea that the Church is a building and a temple. The true Church of God is not limited by space or bound by denominations and doctrines.

The Church is being described in the bible as a Body
The Apostle Paul in I Cor 12, used the human body to described the Church. I Cor 12:27 “Now you are the body of Christ and members individually”. When Christians have this Paradigm Shift,  viewing the Church not as a Temple but as a Body … we will see things differently and do things differently.

When the Church is seen as a Body, we see ‘Unity’ & ‘Equality’ in this community of God. No one is superior or inferior to another. The ‘eye’ is not superior to the ‘ear’, neither is the ‘hand’ superior to the ‘leg’. Every member in the body is different and has different functions. There is harmony and oneness when we use the Body to illustrates the Church. There is only one head in the body and Christ is the head! The Church follows the head and thus are not pulled in different directions.
When we sees the Church as a Body, we will view and perceive things differently. When Christians view the Church as a Temple, what they see will be hierarchical structures and orders. They will see Priest and People; they will see Clergy and Laity. Once again, ‘ranking’ in the Church is formed.  Priests, Pastors and ‘Full Time’ Workers seems to hold a higher spiritual status. This should not be … there is no ‘Higher’ Calling but only ‘Different’ Calling. A Pastor does not have a ‘higher’ calling than that of a Office Worker. When I hold the view that the ‘Church’ is the Body … every member is equal. I myself, honor and respect Pastors and Teachers but I do not put them on a ‘High’ Pedestal.  The Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists are just exercising their ‘Giftings’ … they are not ‘Positions’ in the Church. In fact those with ‘Leadership’  Giftings are told to ‘serve’ their flock and not to ‘lord’ over them. The greatest of all will be the servant of all. 

Let’s take a hard look at our Churches today (Both Catholic & Protestants). Most, if not all have a ‘Temple’ Mindset … do we have the courage to ‘Shift’ ? To Transform Nations, we need to have a Paradigm Shift on how we look at the ‘Church’. The Biblical Perspective Of The ‘Church’ Is That Of The Body.

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