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I am amazed by the example of Jesus. His words give us courage to rush to the front lines of the battlefield of love. I see in Jesus One who possessed the just and rightful power to destroy the world for our degrading sin, yet sacrificed Himself so that the world could be right as He was judged to be wrong. I am truly amazed by such power, humility and love.

Lucifer says that to love in this way is a sign of weakness. From the cage of religion he declares that to love with such depth and abandon is to give hearts the license to sin. Lucifer remains nothing more than a liar of evil intent. The truth is this…and it is glorious, indeed: “Such LOVE is the only thing that can free us from his cage of bondage to sing our song of praise at the top of God’s Tree.”

Love is having the power to even the score and refusing to use it. Love humbles itself in true righteousness to die for someone who is truly wrong.


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