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Sitting in the waiting room of the hospital until the hands of the clock displayed 200pm. I would be given the chance to spend ten short minutes to visit my mother in her lasts days of life in earth during scheduled visits.Of course we always from day one believe that our parents will always be there but much to our chagrin that is not the case.

As I held my mother's hand each time speaking to her with no response, I realized that only a shell remained of the once lively woman who was my rock and my biggest fan. I felt her fight to remain was to give me time to prepare my mind for her transition.

Flashback a few days while my brother and I were talking as my mother sleeps, Unaware of our presence. She wakes up to say only a few words. Have you spoken to your Father? I answered, No...but I will. Not realizing that this would be the last words my mother ever spoke to me and the most important thing.

Unfortunately it took years to realize the father she was speaking about was not my Earthly father but my Heavenly Father. But because I spoke to my Heavenly father, it was easier to now talk to my earthly father. I can think back to that question and say, Mom I spoke to my father! Have you talked to your Father lately?

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