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Have you received vaccination from the disease of Sin?

Breaking News: It has been reported that a disease is spreading throughout the world in epic proportions. Affecting families, schools, churches, entire countries, businesses and hospitals.

Very few people are taking the necessary precautions of properly cleansing themselves and avoiding locations where this disease grows. Doctors for centuries have warned us of this based on the first recorded case in Eden. And this disease has been spreading since then. As by one man Sin entered into the world, and death is passed unto all men, and for that all have sinned. (been infected) Romans 5:12
But there is a cure that is associated with the shedding of blood that sends this disease into remission.

Have you received your vaccination by salvation? Have you continued to remain infected by sin with a prognosis of death? Ebola is in the News but Sin is in the world. Got symptoms of Sin? Simply call your Doctor. Prayer is your appointment and Jesus still makes house calls. #Ebola or #Sin which concerns the world more?

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