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Years ago a young man was faced with a decision whether to remain with his current team or test the free agency market. At the urging of his wife he considered the pros and cons. His wife was already in talks with the potential team owner and accepted her own contract. The franchise player accepted the new contract and turned his back on the owner that had developed him, coached him and endorsed him when he was a no name player in the garden.

Of course we know how this decision ultimately ended the number one player on the earth but we can all learn from this decision. Sometimes the best choice is to stay with the team that drafted you instead of the team that lures you with the fruit of being the man.

My team of choice is the reigning champion, undefeated. Yes it's a No Heat Zone, No Mavericks will reach the Golden State, listen for the Thunder of TrailBlazers who made the right choice or you can be Cavalier and think its Magic but there's no Wizards but remember, one thing #Satanaintloyal #ButGodIs

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