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Bar Barakah: A Family Blessing For Your Childrens Rite Of Passage.

You know, many years ago, I discovered a critical key that every parent has in his or her hand to release the future destiny of a son or daughter. And that this key is the key of a family blessing, imparting blessing. You know, almost every culture in the world has a rite of passage at the time of puberty – some way to release a boy to be a man or a girl to be a woman – except our culture. Our culture is virtually the void of that here in North America and our Western-European base culture. And many people have discovered in recent years the power in ceremony like Jewish people have – a bar mitzvah type of ceremony orbatmitzvah – where a boy is released to be a man, a girl is released to be a woman. And in much of our Christian heritage, we really don’t know how to do that.

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