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Are You Covered by Blessed Assurance and not Life Insurance?

The first lesson I learned about life insurance is that it creates an estate. The reason a community remains in poverty is failure to buy life insurance by purchasing burial policies only. A patriach/matriarch that not only leaves a family the loss of their life but also leaves them with the pain of lack is a double jeopardy.

I think Blessed Assurance is great but get some Life Insurance for your family. Life insurance is not for the dead it's for the living. We purchase policy on cars, house, etc for what may happen but death is a guarantee but we too often live uncovered.

Jesus your local agent has been a door to door salesman knocking on your door offering life insurance. Will his knock go unanswered? Or will your kids, say "Mama/Daddy say they ain't here!" #yourestateiswaiting #preexistingconditionsok #InGodsHand

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