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Eaten My Fill but I am Too Full to Serve

We are familiar with the point in service when the sermon has been preached, the offering has been taken up, the announcements have been made, the doors of the church have been opened and the benediction occurs. And the much anticipated time comes to hear the welcomedo words... AMEN!

For some this is the starting whistle for the race to watch the big game or race to the local restaurant. But let's suppose that this particular Sunday a different race takes place, this is a race to serve.

We have been fed the bread of life from the preacher and we have been able to eat all we can eat. But unfortunately only a few of us take any our leftovers with us. These leftovers are just the right morsels to serve those outside, whose flesh reveals a lack of food but we clutch our to boxes so tightly that off limits rings loud and clear. And we purposely write our names on our food to reveal do not touch as we do with our newly received word we ingested.

We encounter many people showing signs of hunger and we simply choose to ignore them despite having eating our fill. If you are not willing to share your food, at least after the benediction give the hungry directions to the local church that is serving. I understand there is plenty available since most people don't like soulfood like they once did.

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