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A New Way to Approach Health Challenges


Managing health issues versus dealing with the root issue

We have a health crisis in America today. Most people do not realize our entire health process in the world today simply attempts to manage health challenges instead of doing what is required to bring healing to our body by giving the body what it needs to heal itself through a healthy immune system.

Our goal is to help people achieve wellness. We must understand that people have deprived their bodies of vital nutrients and as a result have been attempting to "manage" these bodily system malfunctions through drugs and "alopathic medical treatments" as a result of such deprivation. We are now looking to a different "form of treatment" to eliminate the symptoms people experience. This entire way of thinking is a deception that most people desperately need help in seeing and changing. We must expose the profound influence that the spirit of pharmakia (Revelation 18:23) has had on our society and our thinking.

Our body is like a car

Using a car analogy, describing a person’s symptoms is similar to a person telling us that their car has every red light on the dash board illuminated and they are questioning which of the available products at the service station they should purchase and begin to provide their car. In reality, the tires have no air and are flat; the battery has no water and no charge; the oil in the crank case is extremely low; the coolant level in the radiator is almost non-existant; the hydraulic fluid in the transmission is extremely depleted; and the gas tank is on empty.

The car has had two catastrophic seizures of the engine, blown a couple of cylinders and has had to have them replaced. These are the reasons the many red lights are illuminated. A friend of the car owner now asks, which products from the service station should the car owner purchase and use. The answer is that he needs to provide oil to the crankcase, coolant to the radiator, hydraulic fluid to the transmission, air to the tires, distilled water and charge to the battery, and gas to the fuel tank. Which one is more important? Which one can he do without and still have the car run? Will any or all of these fluids eliminate the red lights on the dash board? Probably so. But even if you restore oil to the crank case, and the engine overheat light does not go out, should one conclude, "I guess oil didn't solve my problem, so I won't put any more oil in the crankcase."

The obvious point is, whether any particular red light goes out or not when you add oil to the crankcase, we know that the car needs oil in order to function anyway. Perhaps the engine overheat light is due to lack of coolant in the radiator. So the owner may add coolant to the radiator and the engine overheat light but still does not go out. Would it be wise to then conclude, "I don't think I'll buy any more coolant for my radiator either." NO! The car needs coolant and oil in order to function normally in any case.

Everyone needs basic nutritional support for all their body systems. If they are not getting such from their food (and virtually no one in the western world is), then they will need to supplement their diet to get the required nutrients.

The only difference in the analogy is that a car, designed and created by man, has no inherent ability to repair and restore its own components and systems even if provided with the fluids necessary to support its system functions.

A human body, on the other hand, designed and created by God, and has an incredible inherent ability to repair and restore its own components and systems when provided the raw materials needed for those systems to function. All this is to say that every person needs to support his immune system, cell to cell communication, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, digestive system and gi tract, fuel system (vitamins and minerals), brain function, and antioxidant capacity, whether he currently has any symptoms of system malfunction in any of these areas or not.

Science has discovered that glyconutrients cause cell to cell communication which causes the immune system to function properly. There have been found 8 glyconutrient necessary for this cell to cell communication to take place.

So the question is, "How have we been intentionally supporting these systems in our body so far? Did we even know that we needed to do so? If we didn't know that, then we probably have not provided our body with the vital nutrients necessary to support our normal bodily functions.

Are you now willing to learn what your body needs and intentionally provide it with the necessary nutrients, or are you still you still trapped in the pharmakia deception, looking to someone to provide a pill or powder to make your pain and discomfort go away? (By the way, we see the same problem with the spirit of mammon in our economy, debt, and people's personal finances.).


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