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A 7 Mountain Strategy on the Island of Paradise - November 2010

The day after Thanksgiving I took the 4 hour flight from Atlanta to Aruba to teach my Change Agent Intensive to 80 leaders on the island of Aruba, a small island only 20 miles in length, but has over 1 million visitors a year. I was hosted by Lisette Malmberg, who is one of the largest business owner/employers on the island that is driven by the tourism and cruise line business. She also pastors a dynamic church of about 400 members.

God used this time to minister to those in the two days of training and a special time of ministry took place in the morning worship services where I spoke on Experiencing the Father’s Love. A time of prayer and ministry at the end of the service led to many being touched and healed from father wounds. Many came forward for prayer and many were touched by the Father’s heart as many forgave their earthly fathers and other experienced the love of the Father for the very first time.

God gave Lisette insight into the 7 mountains and realized this was a key strategy to impact their nation. Lisette Malmberg grew up in Aruba, a small island of only 120,000 people in the Caribbean until she was seventeen years old. She went to the United States to study, and graduated in 1982 with a bachelor’s degree in Science, and a major in marketing from St. Thomas University in Miami. In 1984, after several years of working in the U.S., she returned home to Aruba to work for her family’s tourism business. Their family owns a number of tourism related companies. Over a period of twenty years, she was
consistently promoted until in 1994 her father made her brother and her shareholders of
the company. During those years she played a key role in many local organizations and
served on boards of directors, such as the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association, the
Aruba Quality Foundation, and the Aruba Hospitality and Security Foundation. Today
the company employs more than 275 persons in 9 subsidiary companies, serving well
over 300,000 guests per year.

Lisette came to faith in Christ in the Spring of 1995. After a devastating divorce
in 1985, and a series of heart-breaking relationships, Lisette said she “came to the end of
herself.” I had never heard the Gospel preached, did not have any religious background,
and only remembered an, ‘Our Father,’ she used to pray in Catholic School. After going
on her knees every night for about three months, during which she was going through her
heart-wrenching crisis, all she knew to pray was, “‘Our Father, who art in heaven…” One
day at about midnight, at the end of her rope, she knelt down in the shower, lifted her
fists to heaven, and prayed: “If there is a God, come and change my life, and if you prove to me that you are real, I will serve you the rest of my life.”

The next day a dear friend came to her house and invited her to church; her friend
had accepted the Lord the week before. She went to an Assemblies of God church that
Sunday and gave her life to the Lord, and experienced a radical conversion. God had
heard her prayer.

Lisette began to grow in her relationship with Christ, and after seven years of
serving God in that church, in March of 2002, the Lord called her to plant a church with a
small group of friends of “like precious faith,” and the miracles began. The church has
grown to a vibrant local community of believers with more than four hundred people in
attendance every Sunday. It plays a key role in serving the nation. A weekly TV show
called, The Word of Life, is broadcast on national TV stations in Aruba, Curacao, and
Bonaire, and is widely viewed by all segments of the community.

Lisette was becoming a change agent on her tiny island. She would later meet
Pastor Sunday Adelaja, a Nigerian-born pastor of the largest church in Europe, with
twenty-five-thousand members, located in Ukraine, and author of the book Church Shift.
That relationship led to the Lisette hosting a Kingdom Impact for National
Transformation conference in Aruba, which was attended by more than two thousand
people, and broadcast on national TV. Lisette was getting a national vision for her nation,
which led to yet another initiative on her small island.

She felt there was a need to train workplace leaders to understand their mission to be reformers of culture, and that is when the idea of a Kingdom Leadership Institute was birthed. She held meetings with local pastors in preparation for launching the Institute during Pastor Sunday’s visit, and more than seventy-five pastors, representing their local congregations, attended an orientation breakfast and a subsequent breakfast with Pastor Sunday and his team. Many acknowledged this sovereign move of God, and the strategic process for transformation began. The mission of the institute is: “To be a Training Center, helping people to grow in an intimate relationship with God, understanding His Kingdom in light of His Word, so that they can discover their divine call and unique expression in God's purpose for their lives - as reformers and influencers of culture." ” The vision of the Institute is: “To develop leaders in every sphere of society to understand their Kingdom mission, and to fulfill their life’s purpose to the glory of King Jesus and the transformation of their assigned territories.”

Lisette attended the Reclaim 7 Mountains conference our ministry hosted in
Atlanta in 2008, and later hosted our workshop, The 9 to 5 Window, as part of her
curriculum. The KLI institute is unique in that it actually prepares leaders to understand the Theology of Social Transformation, the Kingdom of God, the 7 Mountains that need to
be reformed, and to identify their places of assignment and be equipped to operate in their unique gift mix to bring the Kingdom of God to bear on their mountain. The Institute
program ends with a three-session “Deployment Strategy,” during which students of each
mountain are brought together for brainstorming, intercessory prayer seeking the Lord for strategies and actual initiatives to transform their segment. Lisette is impacting her nation at every level of the seven mountains of cultural influence, and has been "a voice of influence" at the highest level of her nation's government.

The first class of graduate students of KLI developed strategies that resulted in six foundations being launched that affect the mountains of Education, Arts and Celebration, Business & Finance, and Family. The Institute is currently in its 2nd class curriculum and is now viewed by students in Colombia, Venezuela, Bonaire, U.S.A. and Holland through LIVE web-casting of their classes. Lisette is believing God for a tipping point in each one of the mountains, as believers continue to be trained and transformed to answer the call and become deliverers in their area of assignment!

Lisette is a change agent who had become lost in her career and life, with no
spiritual compass. God reached out to her, and she responded. Like many change agents God calls, His deepest work in our lives often comes after a series of crises that led to conversion, and to an intimate relationship with Christ and a vision larger than herself.

Watch a video interview with Lisette Malmberg:

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