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 Where do you go for empowerment? I’ve attended conferences and seminars and gathered some pretty good material. But the power-high and readiness to move forward with the plethora of information never seemed to last. What happened?

If you search for information on ‘women and self-empowerment’ you probably won’t find much around. But it appears that others (both men and women) deem they can empower us. I believe there's a slight twist to its true application.

The term ‘empower’ means to give official authority or legal power to (she was empowered as council to act on her behalf) {Webster}. So what do others mean by claiming they can empower us? Are they giving us official authority to act on our own behalf? In my mind the phrase “I can empower you” is over-played, outmoded and passé.

Here’s where I’m going.

Empowerment is innate. Empowerment is discovered and unveiled with knowing your truth, your core identity, your heart, your TrueLifeDesign™. It is what gives your life meaning. It puts you in control of your future and expresses your authority to live as yourself.

Whether or not you “feel” in control is another thought. Feelings can lie and are not in the equation of being empowered.

If you are leaning towards your feelings rather than your “who” and "why" and believe you must rely on others to empower you, let’s look at some clever self-empowering strategies to shape your power muscle…

  • 1. The self-empowered is centered and present. By staying focused-forward on setting and living by greater standards, e.g., ‘models,’ ‘values,’ ‘rules,’ ‘qualities,’ or ‘criteria,’ for your life, you remain in control of your future.

          Do your decisions reflect you are living by design?

  • 2. The self-empowered defies distractions. If things go awry in life and it doesn’t look as though it’s going to work out, refuse to be distracted by the opposition. Understand that self- empowerment rests on a good attitude.

          Are you relentless in your focus and saying yes to only the important?

  • 3. The self-empowered is removed from any (goals) or values imposed by others or self that force one to be someone you're not.

          Are you true to self, your identity and the values you hold?

  • 4. The self-empowered turns inward to one's greatest resources for guidance to be the best one can be every day. Operate from wisdom and be a detailed thinker, a thought leader.

          Do you understand the power you carry?

  • 5. The self-empowered always affirms self: the abilities, talents and successes in the midst of feelings, failures and faults. Know what’s important and why it’s important to you.

          Are you embracing your abilities and successes unapologetically?

  • Bonus #6. The self-empowered is a leader. You know you can't lead others if you aren't leading yourself. The self-led is equipped to make a significant difference in others and experience more success as you do.

          Are you connecting the purpose of your heart to your actions?

If you are seeking power or empowerment, look no further than within the heart - the core of your being. Empowerment wants to be completely and perfectly recognized, acknowledged and embraced.

Question: What can you do this week to activate and embrace your empowerment?

What did I miss? What are other ways to activate and acknowledge self-empowerment? Share in the comments below.

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