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As I read the post, I sense it is not a mixng as much as they both have a role in greater relm of the Kingdom.

As I am coming to understanding mountians (segments) of culture within the Kingdom, it is not just about Church and Business mixing, but church and business standing in their respective places as molders of culture in the Kingdom. Influencers of men.

God's Kingdom includes both. As well His Kingdom encompasses both Heaven and earth. So in closing I feel a sense that believers have roles in both the church and business and we are called to assignments as individuals. That said we believers have a higher calling to sacrificial service to the Kingdom and all its domains.

I appreciate your comments and my abilty to shar my thoughts on the topic.  

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Hi Dennis,
Thanks for your sharing. Yes, taken by themselves in the context of the "Seven Mountains", they are each a separate entity. Let me be more direct ... I have committed Church Leaders telling me that "Business & Religion Cannot Mix". Likewise pastors have told me not to make the Church a "Marketplace". They quoted this incident of "Jesus cleansing the Temple" and thus support their claim that "Business" should not be discussed in the Church. The Church is for "Spiritual" Matters. I have been "toying" with this issue in my mind for some time. This is a very important issue, especially for us in the Marketplace Ministry.

My answer to "Jesus cleansing the Temple" in relation to "Doing Business" in Church.
1. This comes down to our understanding of the biblical meaning of the word "Church". If I don't equate the modern day Church to the Temple, then the "Cleansing of the Temple" have nothing to do with the "Church". By "Cleansing the Temple", Jesus emphasized that "Worship" of God must be Holy... as the Temple is a place of Worship. 

2. If I view the Church as the "New Israel"; birthed and expanded in the Marketplace, then doing Business In Church is no longer an issue. The Church is a body of believers, supporting one another, caring for one another in this new community of God ... this includes doing business with one another for the glory of God. 

I have founded Marketplace Business Network (MBN) to promote this idea of "Integration of Business & Ministry". You are welcome to visit my website. The goals of MBN:
1. To promote "Integration of Business & Ministry".

2. To generate Wealth for Kingdom Advancement. 

3. To transform the Business Mountain by Kingdom Living (Living By the Sermon on the Mount)





It sounds like we are on the same page. Have you seen any of the teachings and insights of Lance Wallnau?
No, I have not. Here is an example from Australia of this mixing happening & doing it well. In a local historical perspective the land where the shopping mall & apartments are were dedicated to God back 150+ years ago. The church I attend has property opposite the mall which was also owned by the same people back then.


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