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I think the overwhelming situation that exist at present in Japan opens yet a another dimension of Os mission to leadership from within the workplace. 

My thought is that, a Godly person who is skilled in this particular area of nuclear energy can be moved by the Holy Spirit to solve the problems that plague these nuclear facilities. 


God's name can be glorified in this unfortunate incident, however is there anyone in the workplace with the expertise nuclear physics available and ready for that call for Holy Spirit impartation.....


Os mission rings true today for Japan.


Os I salute your mission and disciple of your wisdom and calling....


May God have mercy on all the people of heart and prayer goes out to them all.


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Godly leadership is needed in the nuclear power industry.  This event confirms my calling, I am a nuclear plant regulatory affairs and plant licensing consultant.  I attended the Change Agent Weekend back in July.  I believe that was part of my preparation.  The nuclear power industry in the US is a learning organization, focused on continuing improvements from all lessons learned.  Probalistic risk analyses are our guiding priciples.

The quality of life around the world is directly linked to a reliable source of electric power.  This country and others must continue to make choices about meeting our need for electricity; it would be foolish to put decision-making process on hold.  We do not have a simple choice of either "Nuclear Power" or "Perfect Power" - energy is not produced in a vacuum, there are risks for all types of power generation (~30,000 people die in the US each year as a result of emissions from coal fired power plants).   We have a choice between nuclear, coal, natural gas, and weather dependent solar and wind alternatives.  We cannot afford the costs of establishing baseload supplies of electricity from solar and wind; there is no business case for either.  Nuclear power, a truly supernatural creation of God, remains our best answer to our growing needs for electric power.

The leadership at the top of the Technology Mountain will be the ones who shape our future.  The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

I led three public prayers for the people of Japan yesterday and continue my personal prayer.  I have formally requested God to dispatch legions of angels, ministering spirits, to meet the needs of these peoples. (John 14:14) 


Keith, God's good graces be upon you. Take your knowledge and wisdom where ever your calling leads you....this is the confirmation of your calling...


I pray that as you embark on your calling the Holy Spirit will be with you, yet again confirmation Os vision of Godly men in the workplace. We all can't be at the pulpit and I doubt that there any any pastors skilled in your area of expertise.


You're being called to fill that vacuum in your industry.


May God bless you for answering your call.


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