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I have often wondered and have finally come to understand the relationship between GRACE and BLESSING.


Can a blessing be earned? I have done all these wonderful things and therefore I should expect a blessing?....the beatitudes is what fueled this belief




I'm blessed or receive blessings through GRACE....Paul's teaching s what led to this belief and a website I reviewed.


Earnings create a debt and GRACE doesn't.

Earned blessing can be built on pride while a blessing resulting from GRACE can't

Earnings depend too much on what YOU do while GRACE depends on what God does

Earnings are a function of a secular system while GRACE is a kingdom principle


Does anyone share that sentiment....if i'm wrong I will gracefully accept correction.

If you share and have any other points that you would like to add, that's fine too.


Let me know your thoughts.


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Grace entitles us to have the fruit of the Spirit, e.g., love, joy, peace, forebearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Grace is given to us; we do not earn grace, it is given based on obedience to confessing Jesus as Lord of our lives.  We inherit the gift of grace based on faith in God.


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