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In your opinion, what are the five biggest keys in starting a new business?


(I'll put my two cents worth in in a couple of days)

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God's vision for the business, clearly articulated mission, faith, process, people
1) A clear vision (seed) for the business for which you must have recieved Gods blessing

2) A good business plan

3) Good people supporting you for all areas of the business , ie accounts, marketing, etc,,,,

4) networking making sure you include your business partner (God) each day

5) Constantly using the "SMART" approach, i.e specific, measureable, achieveivable, relevant and time bound

Tama Ra Event Designers
1) The Company
2) Need in the marketplace
3) The product(s)
4) Profitability/Compensation
5) Timing...
1. Is God leading you to do it?
2. Are you passionate about it?
3. Do you have the needed skills available to you?
4. Is there a viable market?
5. Is God leading you to do it?

Yes, I realize I repeated number one, because in reality it's the only one that matters. It's amazing to me how we buy into the world's nonsense. If God calls you to do something, He will equip you, even when appearances are pointing the other way. Conversely, no matter how much capital you have, or how much "sense" it may make to start a business, if God isn't leading DON'T DO IT!

Of course, this all requires enough Christian maturity to be able to differentiate God's leading from our own selfish desires, easier said than done.

These are my top five...

  1. Is it the result of a God given idea/passion
  2. Understanding your role in the vision
  3. Market research
  4. It must be associated with your core strengths
  5. How much value are you capable of adding to the venture (ties to point 4)
I'll have to think of four more but the number one for me "Is God Leading you there?" Now if there were a discussion on the 5 keys of running a business I may be able to come p with something.

To add onto this coming from my experience, is that a new business will require humility to God and obedience to God's laws especially in the area of tithing and giving
John C. Buckley said:

In my opinion, the 5 biggest keys in starting a new business are:

1) Fit-Does your new company "fit" with your values, personality, desires, goals, etc. You will not stick with something you truly do not believe in when times get tough!

2) Funding-Do you have enough capital to properly begin your ventures and KEEP IT FUNDED for at least 2-3 years; if possible, 5 years. This may come from a nest egg, a spouse willing to work, or even making it a part-time start up while you work a full-time job.

3) Foundation-Do you have the know-how to begin and continue this fledgling company? In other words, do you have the knowledge for this business or can you get it. Does it require a specialization or degree? Technical training? Include help from a Life or Dream Coach in that field and professional organizations and associations. Get the knowledge and wisdom you need to succeed!

4) Faith (and Family)-Do you believe that God has called you to this? Are you able to commit it to daily prayer and to the scrutiny of godly business people who will tell you the truth and help you? Do you commit yourself to constant improvement and accountability? Find out what God's Word says to you specifically and begin a confession of faith over you and your business.

5) Future-Do you have a Business Plan? Go online and do a Google search for business plan templates. Find out what they look like and some important information to help you plan. Do you have business goals? One, two, three, or even five years ahead is a great start in setting goals! Are they realistic and tangible? Now, let a mentor or a professional in your business field look at your plan and give you honest feedback BEFORE you start the business. There are several other things that I could mention, but these 5 are a great start!

You can have a successful business and see tremendous blessings as a result, just make sure you begin well. Be Blessed!


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