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 Am a faithfull chrsitian committed to the things of God and i ve worked with many organisations in my country  i wan to start  up my own business and it deals with supply of plantain matrials as revealed to me by God but too confused on how  to start cos am presently working with an Alluminium company

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What country are you from?  Tell us more about your vision, the product and how it applies to the Aluminum company.  I am a business consultant involved both in start-ups and turn around situations.

There are lots of good books on how to start a business available. Lots of materials online too. You need to take the time to do a brief business plan and commit it to writing. It kind of forces you to think through all the necessary parts and visualize your product and where you want to be with the company. Do everything you can to follow God's principles for business and use your business to support his kingdom purposes here on earth, and he will help guide and bless and prosper what you are doing when you are doing your part too.

You will have to do some extra work to make this happen while keeping your full time job. Start working nights and weekends and put some product together and start to build some sales. When you have to bring a part time person on to help with the business, continue to build volume, and it will become apparent when it is time to leave your other job. 

Please prepare well for what you want to do and do alot of research before you take off and do alot of consultation so that you can have a smooth sailing in the business.

From my own experience its better to calculate the cost before and prepare with what you are earning for future cost to be covered. and start off well to avoid a lot of mistakes.

Be an entrepreneur and not just a business person.

  Am a nigeian and my desire  has always been to be  a managing director  in am organisation i had lots of experience in  biz management and little of marketing in banking but i find my self  working as a management accountant in these Aluminium  when i had challenges in my previous coy.  igot the the vision of the plaintain  last year and have gone to   key markets and mets some buyers that wants me to supply them in my country but  how to put these together is the issue  

but you still need to work on your marketing skills so that you can be in a position to succed at all levels and you can always do more than what you have developed yourself in and learn the basics of international trade and how to build relationship on trust and you can also contact me on at for more information.

I am a business consultant and import & export agent i can help you to lay the foundation to launch your plan into.



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