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Are any of you as owners/leaders of businesses working as we are toward creating communities of faith within the workplaces that you lead?

This forum should be a great place to share useful strategies, experiences, and ideas. Our work in partnering with businesses in this effort is summarized on a blog we just created at We hope to post more detail there as we have opportunity, but would like very much to discuss this exciting work with others here. Please share in this discussion with your experiences.


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This is a daunting task even among Christian groups. My experience is that our Lord said if very clearly: you must believe and all things are possible, but I have found that most folks have lost the ability to dream and set out to believe. Great need for leaders here.

As I started reading the book "Exposing Satan's Playbook" that we never discover.  Then I realize more of the deception in what we deal with in the work place and so forth.


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