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Understanding Signs of the Times.Will the economy get better, worse? What is God saying to us in this time?

Do you struggle to make sense of the economic condition of the world and what is taking place in the US? Got some ideas on what is happening. Weigh in on this forum. What are you seeing? What is God saying to you and others? Let us hear from you. I posted a detailed blog on my personal assessment at:

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The president's news conference yesterday was classic.  A reporter asked if he,(Obama) was concerned that 69% of the American people were against raising the Debt ceiling.  Obama responded, "no."  He went on to say, I'm paraphrasing, if he could talk to those people he could change their minds.......  Besides, the people should be more concerned about taking care of their day to day business, taking care of their families, working and so on.  Let us, those in the government, deal with this situation, that's what they are paying us to do.....  Is anyone offended by this?  I am.
Thanks for weighing in.May God have mercy on our nation.

The president's ego appears to be taking him over, reminding me of a famous quote.....  "If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams


All God's people need to pray for intervention and guidance for this great country.




I like you, agee with your assessment that our Father is raising up Josephs with their voice refined in the wilderness of divine design. The construction team of Heaven is looking for those who will sign up for the Kingdom construction team on the Earth. Obey His voice and partner with the Lord. After all we have the bowls of Heaven almost full of all the prayers from the beginning of time backing us up. The Cloud of Witnesses cheering us on in Heaven. We are Pioneers in the Final Frontier with all of the resources of Heaven to pray and decree a Kingdom solution into problem solving realities. We need to declare a love war knowing that we already won it. His divine holy love poured out like a mighty river all over this lost and broken Matrix. We have the promise of the greatest harvest the world has ever seen and He is topping it off with the 3rd Great Awakening.

Does anyone know what time it is? That is right it is the Third Day and we are on our way!!! "Great answer!!!  Yes correct!!!


We have Kingdom gifts and talents and He only seems to be adding more and more daily. Time for the Bride to strap on her army boots and report to His Kingdom duty... All we need to do is unpack all the gifts, cures, witty inventions, creativity and business ideas He has waiting for us. He just wants it to flow through a pure heart that is connected to the Father's heart. The Matrix must fall that we can present to it the Kingdom solutions. It is time for the Bride of Christ to come out of her wilderness and meet her Beloved Bridegroom Jesus Son of the Living God and kick evil off His planet...that is what time it is. We might as well blow our walls of our churches down and make it a dance floor and take this last dance for the Lord of the Dance!

"Letz ROLL!!!

Here are some highlights from some economists I read. – Os

"I have a mental image of Ben Bernanke as the Sorcerer's Apprentice, with about the same results – forced to try and clean up the mess he made and ultimately being swept away in it!”- John Mauldin, economist

“U.S. jobs data say it all. The Labor Department pulled every dirty trick in the book to make the numbers look good. Even so, the latest jobs report showed the U.S. economy only created 80,000 new jobs last month. Almost exactly the same as the 77,000 new jobs recorded in May. These numbers are far, far less than economists expected. They are less than half the 200,000 jobs the U.S. economy must create each month just to stay even (due to new people who enter the workforce). Making things even worse, more than half the new jobs were temp jobs. Folks, there is no recovery. There won't be one. The next downward cycle has already started. The global slowdown will begin to bite the U.S. severely by the end of this year. Remember, the U.S. needs to create 300,000 to 400,000 jobs each month -– for years into the future-- to start a recovery.


Just when Wall Street almost convinced the masses the housing crisis was over, initial notices of foreclosure jumped 50% in the 2nd quarter, from a year earlier. This signals the start of the next round of forced liquidations at fire sale prices. Property prices are about to plunge even further. The U.S. 30-year mortgage rate is now down to 3.56%. The lowest on record. And it will soon be much lower* Home loan applications in the U.S. fell in the period ending July 6 for the 4th week in a row. Refinancings dropped by 3.46%.*

With much fanfare Bank America (BA) sent letters to 60,000 homeowners offering to cut as much as $150,000 off their mortgages. More than half the people didn't bother to respond. They can't make their payments at the old rate, and they can't make the payments even after BA forgives $150k in debt. Over 1 million BA customers are 90 days past due on their payments, in default.*

-Nick Guarino, July 2012

Great interview with John Mauldin

 Number one thing you should do right now is get out of debt. Opportunities will arise for those out of debt.

 Listen to audio sessions from our Understanding Signs of Times Conference held July 13, 14 I 2012 in

Watch this video on why  the US Budget Debt is out of control

" What is God saying to us in this time? "

I really don't know what should I say when the first time I see this topic , but for me , I will show you something in the near future , it meant about 1 weak . Right now I'm tired because too many things I have to deal with .

I'm living in Vietnam , and I hope my English is not to bad .

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