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Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

OK, we are now at the end of the book and we need to ask an important question: What would success look like if everyone followed the advice in this book? That is a fair and needed question to address. When Jesus prayed that the Father’s kingdom would come to earth and that what was in heaven would be reflected on earth. Does that mean we have an expectation of a perfect utopia on earth. No, I don’t think so. As long as sin is on the earth operating through humans, there will be sinful acts carried out on the earth. However, does that mean we do not seek to reflect the love and power of God on earth as a response to Jesus’ mandate to us to be His representatives to defeat the works of darkness? No, that IS our assignment. We are called to love the Lord our God with all of our heart and love our neighbor as ourselves. When we do this we can expect positive changes to happen when it goes deeper into the lives of every person on earth. Again, culture change is the fruit, not the goal of our calling.

The truth is, not every person will accept the invitation to know Jesus and the love of the Father. But for those who will embrace this invitation, we must help them learn what it means to appropriate this and express it in and through the culture we are called to be salt and light in.
Let’s dream for a moment and consider what it might look like if the vision we have cast begins to be implemented in the lives of believers in the 7 mountains.

Family Mountain
• The divorce rate would go down dramatically. Families would be stronger.
• There would be less tendencies for people to move into abnormal sexual expressions due to the pain in their lives because they would be coming from healthy families.
• Businesses would be more successful because more families are healthy and emotionally whole.
• There would be less political issues surrounding gay marriage and other societal ills affecting the family.
• Mothers would value their unborn children resulting in less abortions and fathers would take responsibility in the home and love their wives as Christ loves the church.
• There would be less discrimination among the races.
• Abuse in the home would disappear.

Business Mountain
• There would be more integrity in business and less opportunity for greed and mammon to rule in the marketplace making the marketplace and culture more prosperous.
• Special noon-day prayer meetings would be held in the workplace, asking God to direct their efforts.
• More inventions that solve societal problems would result as entrepreneurs learn to gain direction from God in their working lives. They would have greater influence as a fruit of fulfilling their calling.
• There would be less corporate scandals.
• There would be less crime in our cities because there would be healthier families producing healthier people spiritually who would do honest work.
• There would be more wealth created as men and women fulfill Dt 8:18 to have the ability to create wealth to establish God’s covenant on the earth.
• Christian CEOs would ban together and commit their corporate profits to philanthropic enterprises and care for the poor. More money would be given to Christian causes.
• More money would be received into the local church as business leaders tithed and gave offerings generously from their increase.
• By acknowledging that God is the source of science and technology there would be greater innovation and revelation of the world around us.

Education Mountain
• There would be more acceptance of biblical absolutes and recognition of the value the bible can bring to the classroom.
• There would be less concern about political correct behavior regarding faith expressed in the public classroom.
• Creationism would be affirmed and taught instead of Darwinism.
• There would be an acknowledgment of our Christian heritage in the founding of our nation.
• We would evaluate and embrace truth based on truth instead of allowing biases to influence what we believe.
• There would be excellence demonstrated in the art of teaching. More people would be in a teaching profession because they are called to it.
• Teachers would model a worldview that reflects a belief that every human being has the potential to become a great person with a unique contribution to offer humanity.
• We could live in a pluralistic society and still honor other viewpoints without the insecurity to conform or defend. Christians would operate in a pluralistic setting from a foundation of truth with confidence and greater impact.
• There would be less time spent disciplining in the classroom and more time learning.
• Education would address both mind and spirit.

• The focus of media reporting would be rooted in the truth of the story.
• Media would still be a tool to bring accountability to leaders and newsmakers.
• There would be no more bias due to one’s political viewpoint needing to be expressed.
• Media would not be used to manipulate for personal gain and control.
• Opposing views would not always be required if truth is recognized as truth.
• More positive news stories would be presented to encourage viewers and encourage more role models in society.
• There would be more good things the media could report about instead of the worst things in society.
• There would be human interest stories on people’s faith and the benefit of being a Christian.
God stories could be reported on.

Arts and Entertainment
• Creative people would view the world from a God-based worldview versus a flawed ungodly view.
• There would be less ungodly and aberrant behavior being shown in entertainment.
• There would be wholesome values-based stories represented in movies and other entertainment.
• There would be less pornographic movies and internet sites.
• There would be more entertainment reflecting the glory of God and His creativity.
• There would be more creative art reflecting the nature and glory of God and less art on the dark side of life.

• Mud-slinging political campaigns would be a thing of the past.
• Politicians would lead based on absolute values instead of the latest poll.
• Unselfish leadership qualities would emerge that did not care who got the credit if their city or country benefited.
• Political parties could work together without regard to who gets more power or credit.
• Decision would not be made based on whether the decision would determine their re-election versus being the right decision for the issue.
• Christian led Congress would understand the ungodly nature of Rowe vs Wade. Supreme court unanimously overturns abortion law in the land.

• Local churches would better equip men and women for their calling in and through their working life instead of viewing them for what they can contribute to the four walls church.
• Community transformation efforts among intercessors, church leaders and marketplace would become problem solvers in their community.
• Churches would desire to work together as one Church in tae community and they course pool their resources and money to transform downtown slum areas and solve other community problems. Model cities would be created.
• Cities would be healthier and less poverty because there would be less crime more employment in the cities.



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Great post. I am surprised there has not been interaction with this...but maybe I can spur some activity:

Given that my studies have focused on the Business Mountain, I was most intrigued with this statement: "Christian CEOs would band together and commit their corporate profits to philanthropic enterprises and care for the poor. More money would be given to Christian causes."

I see enormous need and opportunity if those already successful in business would create venture capital funds and act as angel investors not only providing capital but coaching as well. The success rate of survival of start ups beyond five years could be increased and present a godly model for community entrepreneurship that would be the envy of the world.

The simple logic of investing where there is the most upward potential, and by building in safeguards against risks taken, should inform us that investing at the bottom is ultimately much more lucrative than in blue chip stocks or even precious metals.


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