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Paid Intercession: Good or Bad?

Epaphras, who Paul states to the Colossians “is one of you and a servant of Christ Jesus. . . . He is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured.” Colossians 4:12


Because we’ve been entrenched in the “secular versus sacred” model for so long, it can

be difficult for us to view our work as a ministry and workplace believers as

missionaries in the 9 to 5 Window. However, God tells us clearly that we are to glorify

God in all that we do (see Col. 3:17,24). One way we can do this is through intercessory

prayer, which can be characterized as an intense type of prayer for others (see Eph. 6:18;

Col. 4:12), the priestly calling of all believers (see 1 Pet. 2:5; Exod. 19:6) and the Holy

Spirit praying in us (see Rom. 8:26-27). Having people pray for us to fulfill our purpose

and calling in our workplaces is consistent with the will of God for every individual.


Imagine if all corporations had a director of corporate intercession as a paid

position. I am pleased to tell you that in at least one case, this is already happening.

Darlene Maisano is a full-time intercessor for the marketplace and a paid intercessor for

several businesses. She is paid as a consultant would be paid. She sits in business

meetings, quietly praying and “listening.” She has authored the only resource I know of

on the subject, Breaking Open the Doors of Success Through Marketplace Intercession. Here

are her thoughts on the importance of workplace intercession:


Through the birthing and establishing of the Church, nothing has ever

been accomplished on earth without prayer and intercession. And with

the restoration of the workplace, intercession is a key to bridging the gap,

making a way and nullifying the shortage of laborers in the Kingdom.


Whereas we once thought of those involved in politics, economics,

religion, and the military as the ones controlling the earth, today we

recognize the enormous influence wielded by those in the workplace.

As a workplace intercessor for numerous national and international

businesses, I have experienced the importance of interceding on their

behalf. Favor, wisdom, financial gain and well-being have been

manifested and evident in peoples’ lives and businesses. I am also seeing a

growing number of workplace intercessors stepping up to the plate

saying, “That’s my calling.”1


While the idea of a workplace intercessor may be a new concept for us, we need

to remember the examples we find in the New Testament of believers praying for one

another. One such example is Epaphras, who Paul states to the Colossians “is one of

you and a servant of Christ Jesus. . . . He is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you

may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured” (Col. 4:12).


Let me give you a modern example of what I am describing as intercessory

prayer in the workplace.


Compensating Intercessors?

The idea of compensating intercessors by paying them for their time is something that is

still in its developmental stage and may represent a new and unusual concept to us.

However, we need to move past the roadblock of thinking that it’s inappropriate to pay

people to pray and realize that those who are spending time praying for a business

need to be compensated in the same manner as any other person who is working on its



The models for employing and compensating intercessors are varied depending

on the circumstance, the people involved and the skill and ability of the intercessor.

Here are a few examples of some of these models:


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Wanda B. Jones said:

I believe we are safest when we have biblical references and precedents.  That way we don't get spooky and run into error.  Mind you, we are all learning how to really see the God through the mind of Christ and not through the traditions of men and our "religiosities" - if that is a word :-).  I see in Deut 18:1-7, the priests who were responsible for taking care of the temple were taken care of through the offerings.  There was an exchange - they served God in the Temple and God made sure their needs were met through the offerings that were brought into the Temple.  I believe, just as with anything else, we always need to check in with Father God, the Lord Jesus by the Holy Spirit to make sure we are "right on" in our thinking.  According to the scripture, I do not see that it is unscriptural.  An pure interecessor will not have money on their mind.  They will have the assignment on their mind - and that will be honored by God.

Andrew Urban said:

It's absolutely righteous to compensate people for their time - even time spent interceding. Of course, many pastors (and other church staff) receive salary today. Is the marketplace ministry less important? How exciting it is to be able to bring kingdom dynamics (like prayer and prophecy, etc.) into the marketplace setting.

Os Hillman said:

Currently I have four intercessory prayer relationships.All of them are deeply rooted in a personal relationship to me.Three of them are in vocational ministry. Two of these I support with perodic donations. They do not know when or how much that will be. One of them I support with a small monrhly amount and receive a 5-8 page report from a team who prays for me and our ministry but we do not interact directly with the team, only a representative of the prayer ministry. I read that report not for direction but for confirmation and warning signs of what they might be picking up in the spirit. They listen and report. This keeps the process clean and free of contamination. The fourth are people on our prayer team who are totally volunteer. Again, I believe there are very specific guidelines that should be followed in this area. The most important in my opinion is that the founation is based on relationship, not performance.

Carol Roberts said:
Hi Os, I read your reply to your question; Paid Intercession:- Good or Bad.
But you didn`t answer your own question, when you state that Colin employed a Minister to work with him,she is multi tasking and therefore has more than an intercessory role,and so does deserve a wage,I also believe that prayer is very vital in any cross section of the work place,and indeed the home,and if we people would listen to that still quiet voice that is inside every one of us,we could turn this world around for the good,and do more than prosper,we would also love each other too.
God Bless you Os,you and your Market Place leadership are a full blessing to us all,Thank you and may you continue to shine for the glory of the Lord.

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