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As we continue to connect and gather on this site, I truly sense the Lord is calling us to find the "likeness" of who we are and how are passions align to each other and the Kingdom.  It is an early season of "connecting & gathering" at the base of our mountains.  It is the place for us to align and bring synergy to that which is godly strategy for taking each mountain.  God is calling us to the base of the summit to meet with Him...impartation is for those who take the time to seek His heart.  He is saying, "you must come to the secret place" to know my heart...  

He is joining his body...all the hands are connecting....all the feet are connecting...all the eyes are connecting...God is assembling His Army...he is not raising up a choir, He is raising up an Army...a "nameless...faceless...placeless tribe of Judah," who do not seek comfort, who do not seek the easy road, who knows that the "mist of his life" is completely surrendered to King of Kings...

Revival, as we know it, is not coming as many would hope...this is the "World Cup" for the souls of men and we all have an important part to play in the Kingdom....

The lover of your soul is calling us to the base of our mountain...let us connect and gather and hear the battle plans of the Father...

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