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Alumni of Signs of the Times Conference. What did you think?

What was your experience at the July 13,14 Understanding the Signs of the Times conference in Atlanta?

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Thanks so much for graciously allowing me to attend the "Signs" seminar this past weekend. Truthfully, I felt exhausted after the whole thing; like I'd been drinking from a fire hose. But I also felt fortified and more confident; better prepared for what's ahead.
I had two immediate and specific "reaction/takeaways" from the information and teaching this weekend that I'd like to share with you.
The first was a "confirmation."
About three years ago (2009) I was having lunch with a client. We were talking about the economy and I mentioned that I felt like we were seeing something similar to the "Old Testament Jubilee." My client, "Joel," is Jewish but had no clue as to what I meant; totally secular. I explained at length and he listened attentively.
About three weeks ago (and after no contact since that lunch in 2009) I called to check in on Joel. Before he answered I found myself wondering whether he might remember our discussion. Then he answered the phone and before I even could speak he said,
"Glyn! I was just thinking about you last week when I met with a new client; the name of their company is "Jubilee" and I thought 'Wow, I've got to call Glyn McWhorter!!' " We had lunch, caught up with each other and ended up discussing "jubilee" all over again. Very cool. And I think this conversation is not over.
My 2nd takeaway was "illumination."  
The portion of the weekend where I really felt I experienced this ("illumination") was the orientation, data and projections about hyper-inflation vs. deflation; very clarifying and exceptional. The ongoing media/talking head ruminations about this subject is typically all over the map and inevitably confusing even though laced with substantive factual data. Everyone has a lot of data and much of it the same.......but come to differing conclusions. 
In contrast, you and "the team" presented the combined demographic data overlay comparisons to the market & debt data graphs which was very convincing and (to me personally) compelling. In short, it just made good sense. And it doesn't mean I'm happy about it (deflation that is) just means I'm happy to be more confident that I have an informed opinion.
My overall impression of your total presentation was very much like both Robbie's and my reaction to Paul Hegstrom's Life Skills course. I know that it's not financially related. Let me explain what I mean.
Life Skills is perhaps the 7th or 8th major teaching vehicle on "issues" my wife and I have jointly participated in since the late 70's when I began my spiritual journey in earnest (Robbie was already way ahead of me). You are doubtless familiar with most of them; Gotthard's Basic Youth Conflict, "How Shall We Then Live" (Francis Schaffer), Christian Family (Larry Christensen), Lifetime Guarantee (the Gillems), Bondage Breaker & Freedom In Christ (Neil Anderson), Elijah House (John & Paula Sandford), etc., etc..  Our opinion after ingesting all that curriculum was that even while they were all extremely helpful and informative, compared to Life Skills they all scored around a "4" or a "5" while Hegstrom's material rated at least a "9." And it's not because Paul's material is so "polished;" it's not. It's purely about efficacy. It really worked.....and it still is.
The difference I believe is that Hegstrom approaches the subject material and individual not just with a spiritual framework but from a more wholistic view; spiritual for sure but also psychological, intellectual, historical (past personal experiences paired with typical societal experiences), physiological (hormones, maturation, childhood physical development, etc.) and from a theological view but also and perhaps even more importantly, using a combination of major teaching and alternate perspectives from numerous individual experts and not just his alone.
That's the similarity I felt in the environment of our weekend and in the multi-disciplinary backgrounds you and the other speakers bring to the table. Each was good.....but all were made better in the overall combination, just like a recipe. (Ford Taylor surely would approve of my metaphor :  )
It occurs to me that even the LORD prefers this approach. He could have written the BOOK all by Himself but He didn't. And He could have been a lot more efficient and had Moses write it all down at once but again....He didn't.
Instead, everybody gets a part to play.  I think He likes it that way.  :  )
Blessings & thanks again,

Os, thank you for your obedience and all you and your team did to put this on (and thank you also to Michael, Craig and Ron)! You all make a great team. My wife and I flew down along with six others from our community. I am so glad that we did as this was a very well done conference with some phenomenal information and great insights that I believe are right for our time. I have already begun to share this information with others. Thank you for help in preparing us and equipping us!

Bless you Jim. Thank you for being with us.

Watch this video on why  the US Budget Debt is out of control

The Signs of the Times Conference was absolutely phenomenal. My husband and I were so honored to have attended. God has promised my husband and I a financial harvest and we have been seeking God for His wisdom to position ourselves to receive it. I believe the information we received at the Signs of the Times conference was that last piece we needed to properly position ourselves. We are still so full and absolutely blessed by being able to attend this year. God gives you just what you need, when you need it.

Harry Dent provides a great in-depth analysis of the “natural” side of the economic crisis and where we are headed. Get cup of coffee and sit for awhile.

Conference recordings new available to order

Os thank you so much this was a wonderful event.  This helped me with the Financial end of things and some good ideas and things to pray about.

More than that though I was really challenged to soak in the Word of God and expect the supernatural to happen.  Just starting to read Change Agent book and very excited.

Unfortunetely I wasn't able to partake.  The sign of the time is so prevalent today than ever before. I've been studing the "Emerging Church" in comparision to  the sign of the times.  The mindset move beyond the rational and the facturual to the experiential and the mystical.  In other words, in the past it was possible to know right from wrong and black from white.

In the postmodern era all things are relative to the beholder.  What may be right for you may be wrong for someone else.  There is no such thing as absolute truth.  The only thing that is absolute is that there is no absolute.

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